Party Like A Rockstar

The Cabana Yacht , New York

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Have you ever wanted to really party like a rockstar? If you've ever fantasized about being Gene Simmons for a day, or wanted to live on a tour bus for weeks on end like Bon Jovi, or wanted to simply indulge in the kind of backstage antics made famous by groups like Mötley Crüe and Aerosmith, come join us this year on the party day of party days, Halloween, for a taste of the rockstar lifestyle. Thursday, October 31st, our Party Like a Rockstar aboard the Cabana Yacht cruise event will be just the time and place to indulge in the kind of partying you've only read about. Bring your friends, bring your significant other, or just roll in solo like a true boss. Come as you are, or come dressed as your favorite rockstar, but no matter how you roll in just make sure you come!

Presented by, this holiday party will be aboard one of New York City's slickest and most stylish yachts. The Cabana Yacht has multiple decks and our party will feature a live DJ, a fully stocked cash bar, and all the best views of the city that never sleeps. We'll be sailing past all the famous landmarks that make the Big Apple what it is, and you won't get another chance to see New York City like this for awhile. So get your tickets today to the Party Like a Rockstar aboard the Cabana Yacht cruise and join us for a night of mayhem, indulgence, and outright fun that would put the Rolling Stones to shame!

Boarding begins at 6:30pm, sails at 7:00pm, returns at 10:00pm

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