Saints & Sinners Ball

The Jewel Yacht , New York

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Some of us are pure saints. Some of us are pure sinners. Most of us, however, embody a little of both. And when that urge to indulge in one or the other rears its head, our natural reaction is usually to scale it back and center ourselves. But not this Halloween. When you join us for our Saints and Sinners Ball aboard the Jewel Yacht on Saturday, October 26th, you'll be free - encouraged, even - to let whatever side of you that you want come out in full force. If you feel like dancing we've got a live DJ who will be spinning music all night so that your wild side can let loose on one of the many dance floors on the multi-leveled yacht. If you feel like imbibing we've got an amazing and fully stocked cash bar to help you get down among your fellow revelers.

Presented by, the Saints and Sinners Ball aboard the Jewel Yacht will cruise around the Big Apple in style. You'll pass right by all the famous landmarks from the Statue of Liberty to Ellis Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, and more. There's no better way to see New York City than from the decks of a luxury yacht and this night you'll have just that chance. The most famous skyline in the whole world will take on new meaning when you get to see it from a vantage point you've never had before. So come join us on our Saints and Sinners Ball aboard the Jewel Yacht and enjoy the holiday in a brand new way!

Boarding begins at 7:30pm, sails at 8:00pm, returns at 11:00pm

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