The Haunted Ghost Ship Midnight Party Cruise

The Cabana Yacht , New York

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Come on, be honest. You’re the party-type who can’t resist a night of wild excitement. Furthermore, you’ve always loved Halloween: the costume parties, the drinks, dare we say the kid in you still loves the candy? If even part of this describes you, then you’re in for a treat—no pun intended. On Friday, October 25th, 2013 presents The Haunted Ghost Ship aboard the Cabana Yacht. Admit it. This sounds pretty freaking awesome, doesn’t it?

Now, this isn’t your average Halloween costume party, but a Halloween yacht party with window-lined walls that offer amazing panoramic city views, with an awesome blue-black ocean as your backdrop. With a live DJ and cash bar, this Midnight Party Cruise just seems to get sweeter and sweeter. Sorry, candy. When it comes to how sweet we’ve made this party, you don’t even compare to us. So what are you waiting for—book your ticket today.

Boarding begins at 11:55pm, sails at 12:25pm, returns at 3:25am

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