Halloween Costume Ball

The Hornblower Yacht, New York

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Peeking through the dancing sea of goblins, witches, and ghouls, you catch a glimpse of a white mask. The mask is like a veil concealing nearly all of their face, but you can't help but feel like you've seen that person before. Slipping away up the stairs, you follow them outside onto the upper deck. The wind off the waves gently rushes about you as the lights of the city skyline shimmer patterns onto the water's surface. You look about, but there is no sight of the white mask. Join us on Saturday, 11/1/14, for an evening of mischief, mayhem, and memories for the Halloween Costume Ball! This 21+ party cruise aboard the Hornblower Yacht, presented by HalloweenCruises.com, is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween and see the city in style. Pick-up your favorite mixed drinks from the cash bar on board as you sail through the night. With breathtaking views of the NYC skyline in the background as you dance to the sounds of one of Manhattan's best live DJs, you're sure to catch a glimpse of some magic in the dark. Find out who is behind the mask-- join us aboard the Hornblower Yacht for the Halloween Costume Ball.

Boarding begins at 8:00pm
Departing at 9:00pm
Returning at 12:00am

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