Shipwrecked Midnight Party Cruise

The Jewel Yacht , New York

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Shipwrecked aboard the Jewel Yacht. Oh man! This sounds like a movie pitch with all the right elements for excitement. A beautiful moonstone-white yacht gets shipwrecked and its passengers are left with all the luxuries a glamorous vessel can offer. But because they are shipwrecked, they’re free of all societal rules, and can revel in the party of the millennium. On Friday October 31st 2014, prepare to be enchanted by beautiful waterworks, a live DJ, a cash bar flowing with an amazing rainbow of drink varieties—all part of a Midnight Party Cruise.

Presented by, you and your friends can have the time of your life as you party your heart and soul out aboard a magnificent yacht. Or perhaps you’ll take this trip solo and meet amazing new people there, develop a romance, and make memories that last a lifetime. When was the last time you did something epic? Something legendary? If not recently, take this opportunity to bring a little magic into your life. You won't regret it!

Boarding begins at 11:55pm
Departing at 12:25am
Returning at 3:25am

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