The Haunted Ghost Ship

Hybrid Yacht, New York City

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Every year on Halloween there's talk of a mysterious sighting on the waters around Manhattan. Those who have seen it in illustrations call it a reflection. Scientists call it a mirage, or a fata morgana. The legends, however, will tell you that the looming image of a glowing ship that drifts through a phantom sea high above the waters of reality is none other than the Haunted Ghost Ship. Those who have seen the phantom boat describe visions of tattered sails hanging on splintering masts, floating aimlessly through the rolling fog. Some also say the Flying Dutchman steers the vessel, looking for lost souls to invite on board. Become one of the lucky few to catch a glimpse of what lurks around the rivers of New York City this Halloween on your very own Haunted Ghost Ship , presented by, aboard the Hybrid Yacht.

All ages are welcome on this once in a lifetime ghoulish adventure, so throw on your costumes and keep your eyes peeled as you sail the sea. Enjoy a cash bar as you dance to the sounds of one of the city's best live DJs on October's ultimate freaky Friday. Don't blink-- get your tickets and prepare for goosebumps on the Haunted Ghost Ship aboard the Hybrid Yacht.

Boarding at 5:30pm Departs at 6:00pm Returns at 8:00pm

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